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- U.S. Agent, Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter (Capcom)

bjd meme

Who was your first doll? Do you still own him, her, or it?

Dollzone Fei. Bought him in 06/07 and sold his body around 2009-ish. Then finally sold his head in 2013. Sadly I do not have him anymore.

Who is your favorite doll?

My Limhwa Half Elf. Only doll I have at the moment, so she’ll be considered my favourite. 

Which doll do you hope or plan to buy next?

I plan on buying an Iplehouse Theo head, an SD17 body, and a Supia Doll Lina. *u*

Quick! You’ve instantly got $800 and must choose a doll to spend it on right now or it’s gone forever! Who do you pick?

Look at the question above, it would be who’d I want to buy next. c:

Quick! You’ve instantly got enough money for any one and must choose a doll to spend it on right now or it’s gone forever, but this time you have to buy the doll for someone else! Who gets the dolly, and what do you get them?

I would buy Kerrin a bjd, tbh. Lol. I doubt he would do much with it, but I don’t care. I would get him either a Dollfie Dream or an Iplehouse Stella or Olivia. 

Are you currently waiting on any dolls, heads, or bodies?

Not at the moment, sadly. Wish I was. Lol.

Do any of your dolls seem to like you to the point that they are infatuated with you?

I doubt it..?

Do any of your dolls seem to dislike or even hate you?

I doubt that also.

How many characters do you have in your story (if there is a story)?

Right now there’s three characters with my little story I have made. I wouldn’t mind adding possibly one of Kerrin’s characters into the story.. That’s if he doesnt mind. 

Who’s your most expensive doll at the time you purchased them, not counting items you bought separately for them?

I would say my Half Elf was the most expensive doll I’ve bought. She was almost 600$ compared to my Unoa hybrid who was possibly about 500$ all together.

Which doll had the shortest wait so far?

DZ Fei, Ordered him from JunkySpot and he arrived in about two days. *u*

Who’s the biggest doll you own?

Eden (Half Elf) - 57cm. Though when I had a bobobie, she was about 60cm.

Got any floating heads? If yes, how likely are they to receive bodies anytime soon?

No floating heads. I have floating feet. xD

Got any floating bodies?


Do you have any extra, unclaimed pairs of eyes? How many if so?

Three pairs of unclaimed eyes. 

Do you have any extra, unclaimed wigs? How many if so?

Three wigs; one I’m trying to sell, one of them is a alpaca fur wig I made for Eden and the other is Eden’s “default” wig. 

Anything you’ve said “never” to in the hobby that you later gave in to?

Uhh.. After having my DZ Fei, I made a small promise to myself that I would never have a girly boy doll. So far I haven’t broke that “promise” yet. 

Do you own dolls that aren’t BJDs?

No.. Though I do have a good collection of rements and small little figures.

What was your last doll-related purchase?

New wig and a tattoo for Eden *u*

What do you expect your next doll-related purchase to be?

Buying Corin’s new SD self and buying Nell. *u*

What was the last doll-related thing to arrive to you by mail?

Uhhh.. If you mean doll, then it was Yua. 

What was the last doll-related thing you purchased in person?


Okay, confess a secret about your BJDs that nobody knows about!!

Uh uh uh uh — I have no idea, give me a minute to think. NO ONE KNOWS WHAT EDEN’S TATTOO LOOKS LIKE ATM!!

i’ll draw portraits of your oc’s in colour for with just pen.
prices range from 5$ to 15$; the drawing in the photo would be about 15$.
i’ll even send you the drawing.
i’ll draw anything really, but sadly i can only do portraits.
commission me please?

inspired by the original, drawn and written by Hwei Lim 


switch stop making fucking cute characters